Vacation Jewelry – All You Will Need…

Packing for a vacation is always difficult for me. No matter how much I try to plan my wardrobe the inevitable always happens…I over pack! It’s clothes, accessories, girlie products, a little of this and a little of that, just so I am PREPARED. Nonsense. The truth is I bring too much and then I am dealing with it day in and day out for the entire trip. I don’t know what “carry-on” means. 🙂 Part of being on vacation is not stressing about anything… so get started before you go. Edit it down and that includes your jewelry too.

Recently, I went to my sister’s wedding in Las Vegas. It was wonderful! Before she left on her honeymoon, I gave her a few simple pieces of Everyday Jewelry in hopes it would be all she needed for a beach vacation in Hawaii (plus her gorgeous new wedding rings supplied by the groom, of course). A few of these pieces are photographed below. Easy jewelry to dress up or down. Simple, colorful, light-weight and neutral enough to work with all of what she brought. If it were me, I would also include a watch, my little pair of studs and the moonstone ring I wear daily too – and that’s it. Your covered. Done.

Only bring your really nice jewels on a trip if absolutely necessary for a particular occasion. Jewelry can be easily stolen or misplaced while traveling. Take your fun stuff and leave your good stuff at home in the safe. You’ll feel stress free! And that’s the point, right. Happy Vacationing!

[ Gold-Plated Bracelet – $92 ] [ Long Multi-Stone Pendant Necklace – $175 ] [ Aquamarine Earrings – $75 ] [ Faceted Long Smokey Quartz Earrings – $120 ] [ Emerald Green Bracelet – $78 ]

*Items above are displayed and sold at Isabella.


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  2. Teri December 18, 2012 Reply

    I love the emerald bracelet! I am thinking green is going to be the color to have in the spring. 🙂

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