New Designer Alert : Amanda Thompson Design

Amanda Thompson

Meredith A. Jackson | Jewelry Boutique Welcomes A New Jewelry Designer

Amanda Thompson Design

We are so very excited to offer Amanda Thompson’s well curated collection of antique, vintage, unique and handcrafted jewelry here at the boutique. Gifted in her combinations of color, texture, and materials, Amanda Thompson creates her art, one-of-a-kind signature jewelry. She has a unique gift in the ability to create a modern statement out of traditional design elements. Her pieces represent a sophistication of simplicity.

Amanda enjoys working with clients to incorporate pieces from their personal collections into a modern aesthetic that they will enjoy wearing. “My goal is to create stylish pieces that are timeless in design, classic and could be passed to another generation.” Her creative spirit and imagination is obvious in the way she brings new life to vintage antique and sentimental pieces. As with many antique and vintage pieces, they have acquired subtle imperfections from the years that add to the beauty and charm of the piece. Such imperfections give the jewelry integrity and a sense of history and are to be appreciated. Such character set the jewelry pieces apart in a world of mass produced pieces. To learn more about Amanda Thompson Design please visit her website ( or schedule a visit with her at Meredith A. Jackson | Jewelry Boutique. Shop her collection online by visiting our website’s Designer portfolio.






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