Classic is Always on Trend

Ever wonder why you could look at a picture of Jackie Kennedy Onassis or Katharine Hepburn and it looks like it could have been taken today? These women embody the notion that classic is always trendy.

They wore simple silhouettes, in neutral colors, paying attention to their body shape and what worked for their lifestyle. Rarely, would you see them in over the top cuts or colors. They always looked pulled together and stylish!

I personally love this style of dress because it makes planning for special events easier and getting dressed each day a breeze! Mens wear inspired trousers, cigarette pants, riding boots, 3/4 length sleeve blouses and flats are staples in my closet. The finishing touch for me though is always jewelry. My favorite pieces to pair with classic outfits are a simple gold chain bracelet or knock them dead earrings worn with no other accessories.

What about you, any fashion secrets you rely on?


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