Bold Beautiful Turquoise

This was my absolute favorite piece of jewelry from the 2012 Golden Globes. Heidi Klum looks amazing as always but her necklace was what I had my eyes on. Turquoise…. Big and Bold and Stunning! What an amazing color. This looks like Sleeping Beauty turquoise mixed with diamonds to me. Turquoise is a wonderful year-round bright pop of color that looks great on everyone. Whether it be a statement necklace or nice simple blue earrings that give a little color to a muted Winter outfit, it will make you instantly stylish and your outfit more interesting and fresh.

My second favorite was Emma Stone’s deep raspberry and plum gown with bejeweled belt. Such a bold statement! Artistic, functional, striking but not over the top. That belt pulled her whole look together and focused our eye on her small defined waist. If you have broaches that you are not wearing because they seem dated then find a way to attach them on a belt you own and wear them in this way in your everyday life. Jewelry is meant to catch the eye and finish accessorizing an outfit. Use the cool one-of-a-kind pins your grandmothers handed down to you in a new youthful way like Emma did. Glamorous!




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